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Michaela Bernoth

For 21 years I’ve been helping companies like yours to put recordings, results, statistics, key figures, interviews and dictations into writing. That taught me how important punctuality and reliability is for companies. It is self-explanatory for us that we complete your urgent project as quickly as possible so that you can turn to your next project and have your head clear, knowing that everything will be completed soon.

Our office for written communication consists of around 40 experts who quickly and reliably turn your audio recordings into scripts.

Among our regular communication partners, we have clients from the US, Canada, Spain, Austria and Luxembourg to just name a few.

Writing service Leverkusen
Typing office Leverkusen
We transcribe audio recordings within 24 hours so that you can save time and have more turnover.

For very urgent projects, we have our 4-hour-SOS Hot Order so that there will be no more incomplete daily tasks.

While you already turn to your next project, we transcribe your audio recordings on weekends (and holidays) without a surcharge.

There are no hidden costs at our office for written communication. We assure you our support 24/7.


Writing Service Science


We confidently transcribe important scientific research results as well as texts in the areas of art, politics, nature conservation and other crucial social projects like peace-building.

Writing service market research

Market research

Your transcripts, protocols and translations are taken care of immediately.

Construction industry

While you record figures, facts, results, strategies and indicators during your construction meeting, we already start working on your transcript before you’ve even started your car on your way to your next meeting.

It’s done, next project, relief, ticked off.

Writing service Legal

Legal branch

Experienced paralegals are at your disposal for your dictations. By arrangement, we will process your daily dictations within the shortest possible time. You do not need evening staff. Depending on the receipt of the audio file and its length, the transcriptions are available to you the next morning.

Writing service medicine

Medical typing service

Our popular cost-effective rates for experts, surveyors, physicians and hospitals. Of course on short notice and transparent.

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